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Have to get this off my chest…

Was just reading an article about CNN dealing with a planned athiest rally in DC. That’s all fine and good, we supposedly live in a free society, do we not?

I say that no, we do not live in a truly free nation. We, as a country, seem to have it set in our minds that everyone must be made to think, look, act, live, and love in some prescribed nature and that if anyone varies from that set path, then they must be crazy. We ostracize more than any other ‘modern’ Western nation. Are¬†you homosexual? Then you must be a pervert!!! Are you an athiest? You are immoral and will BURN!!! You like the other political party? Then you must be stupid!!!

I’m just sick of how we treat each other sometimes. I think that’s why I enjoy horror and science fiction so much… horror for the release of tension, sci-fi for imagining a humanity greater and more prosperous than the one we have now.

I can only dream.


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